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How can using a local AC company provide you better service?

Updated: Mar 10

When you call a service company to come to your home, do you know how far the technician or the company dispatching the tech is from your business or home? Does that really matter? Often times the homeowner has no clue but service companies normally have a zoned area map. Customers who live in zones further from the dispatching company's home base often pay a surcharge based on the distance they travel. The customer may not be aware of this fact because they have always paid the same rate, however the rates paid by homeowners closer to the dispatching company normally pay a lower rate. This makes sense because a company many need to pay additional fuel and hourly wages for their technician to drive further. Also what happens if there is some unforeseen issue and the tech needs to return to your home? The chances of a fast return visit from a company that is located further from your home is is much lower than that of a company located nearby. If you are located in Wesley Chapel, FL or a nearby area, start using a local AC company. We offer maintenance plans, emergency service, and new installations. We also often service nearby areas such as Zephyrhills, Dade City, San Antonio, New Tampa, Tampa Palms, Lutz, and Land O Lakes.

Local Service Van

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