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Is your AC zoning system working properly?

In Wesley Chapel, FL and areas nearby we consistently encounter zoning systems that are working improperly due to improper installation, wear and tear, and damage from improper service. A zoning system is an accessory that is installed between your AC system and the duct system. The purpose of the device is to send air to a specific zone when the zone requires a temperature change, and to stop airflow when the zone is satisfied. It's common to see a zoning system in a 2 -story home that has one AC system installed. The zoning system can help alleviate hot air from settling upstairs, which often happens in a 2-story home that can't independently control the temperature of each story. For some reason many HVAC service contractors and technicians are confused on how zoning systems works. Many times instead of repairing a zoning system some technicians will simply bypass the system so that air always flows to all zones. If you have a zoning system and are suspicious that it isn't working correctly call Instant AC today. If you live in Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Lutz, New Tampa, Tampa Palms, Zephyrhills, Dade City, or San Antonio, FL we are just a stones throw away and all of our techs are trained to service, replace and repair your zoning issues.

Zoning System
Honeywell 3 Zone Zoning System

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