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"Choosing an A/C Brand: Which AC Brand and Installation Is Right for You?"

Updated: 3 days ago

At Instant A/C we only deal with reputable brands. We also only use the most current installation techniques, we pay our installers well, and have rigorous quality control checks. There are many brands out there and there isn't a lot of reliable information to guide people in the right direction. We certainly have our brand favorites but we understand everyone has a right to their opinion regarding brand preference. One thing we hate to see though is when a customer tells us they paid a premium price for a low priced brand. As a consumer you are not always privy to see what the equipment actually costs the contractor. We always offer our customers a range of prices from entry level to high end. However we will never offer any brand to a customer that we feel has quality control issues just because it costs less. We always put our customers before profits. If our estimate is higher than the other guys, it reflects our commitment to deliver a premium product and a premium service, at the best possible price. When choosing an AC brand always choose a reputable company. And when choosing a contractor, choose Instant A/C.

Quality Brand A/C Units

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