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Is Bosch AC Equipment and Heat Pumps the Right Choice for Your Home?

Updated: Apr 4

We had a well researched customer specifically ask for 2 new Bosch IDS 1.0 heat pump systems in 2021. Seeing as it was almost impossible to get any brand’s high end equipment in the HVAC world at the time due to manufacturing shortages we were lucky enough to get our hands on two of these systems. We were very impressed with the build quality, noise level, physical size, packaging and in some ways the simplicity in engineering considering its all variable speed 18-20 SEER energy efficiency. It accomplishes this without any fancy proprietary controls, just slap on any thermostat from anywhere and the machine knows what to do. The machine only runs at the speed and capacity necessary. So late at night it runs low and slow and middle of the day it has the ability to cool at 100% or over capacity during heavy heat load. Having a party with 20 people in your house, no problem, it just goes into overdrive. It's not necessarily new technology, but it's just put together in a different package and executed in a different manner at very competitive price among the 18-20 SEER top end level. Since then we have sold many Bosch 18-20 SEER systems and have had ZERO issues. Although Bosch AC equipment is not our main supplier of equipment we are ecstatic to be able to offer such a high quality piece of equipment at an affordable price to our customers.

Bosch Home A/C

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