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Copy of Hvac repair technician using a volt meter to test components on an air conditioner


 Быстрое и исключительное обслуживание



Компания Instant A/C имеет большой опыт ремонта и установки кондиционеров в жилых и домашних условиях и предлагает быстрое, честное и локальное обслуживание кондиционеров, на которое вы можете рассчитывать в случае поломки вашей системы переменного тока. Мы находимся прямо здесь, в Уэсли-Чапел, штат Флорида, и готовы удовлетворить все потребности вашего дома и бизнеса в области кондиционирования воздуха.

Наши сервисы:

- Ремонт кондиционера
- Обслуживание кондиционера
- Установка переменного тока
- Продажа кондиционеров
- Настройка/проверка переменного тока
- Бесплатная оценка кондиционеров (новое оборудование)
- Финансирование проектов переменного тока
- Жилой кондиционер и усилитель; Коммерческий кондиционер

Компания Instant A/C предлагает быстрые услуги по ремонту кондиционеров на месте в часовне Уэсли и прилегающих районах.

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"There's so many companies out  there, why use Instant A/C?"

Instant A/C wants you to know that we understand the mis-trust and uncertainty that one experiences when calling a home service company for the first time. Some in our team also own homes and need to rely on other home service people as well. Just as we feel, many customers are worried they will be lied to or sold parts and equipment they don't need and be pressured to spend money they don't have. Or they are worried that the company will say they will come at a certain time or say they are going to do something and just not deliver. At Instant A/C we understand that suggestions for an air conditioning repair and maintenance can vary greatly from company to company. Our goal is to give our customers as many options as possible when their AC system breaks. We also strive to communicate information as much as possible from the time we will arrive, to the results of our diagnostic, and the pro's and cons of any suggestions we might offer to remedy an A/C problem. It is also our goal to give our customers only reliable solutions, and not jerry-rigged/patch work type fixes which often lead to disappointment. We don't claim to be perfect. We understand that technicians can make mistakes, no matter how qualified they are. Although its rare, if Instant A/C ever lets you down we want hear about it and strive to work with our customers to find reasonable solutions. Be assured that we are committed to customer satisfaction in a way that many companies just don't have time for. This goes beyond any claim of "limited" warranties or assurances a company might promise. Instant A/C can be your trusted source for all of your A/C needs.


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27552 Кэшфорд, округ. Сте 102
Уэсли Чапел, Флорида 33544

(813) 591-0744

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