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"Is It Better to Buy Ductless AC Equipment Online or from Your Local Contractor?"

Updated: Apr 7

ductless ac

We often get asked if we install ductless AC equipment that was purchased directly by the customer online. Although we have done this in the past, over the years we have learned that this approach may not always be in the customers best interest. Often times equipment being sold online has very low and appealing prices. However after further investigation many of Chinese sourced brands offer very short warranties. Many lesser known random Chinese brands offer a 1 year parts warranty. This warranty is quite short when compared to brands that typically only sell to a licensed contractor (such as Mitsubishi, Daiken, LG, Samsung, GREE, Fujitsu, and Panasonic) which normally range from 5-10 years or more. In addition parts can be difficult to obtain for these unknown Chinese brands, which makes the parts warranty extremely 'limited'. Typically if a part is needed you or the online company you purchased from would need to reach out to an overseas source, and it could take several weeks to receive a new part. Better known brands usually have a parts network across the nation, parts will normally be in stock locally or nearby. Another thing to keep in mind is even if a customer purchases a better brand online directly such as the ones listed above, in the fine print of the manufacture's warranty a customer may receive a shorter warranty if the item is purchased online or from an unauthorized seller or a seller who is not a licensed contractor. Additionally when a customer purchases his or her own equipment, typically most HVAC contractors that would install them will not offer any type of labor warranty. At Instant A/C we offer a minimum 1 year labor warranty with all jobs where equipment is sourced by us and on some equipment for residential application we offer a 2 year labor warranty. In addition to the conventional ductless brands, several major US manufacturers such a Trane, Carrier, Lennox, etc. will have their offerings of ductless equipment as well. At Instant A/C we primarily deal with Mitsubishi and Runtru, which is a division of Trane. Mitsubishi's standard warranty is 5 years parts and 7 years on the compressor. RunTru's warranty is 10 years on all parts upon registration. Call us today for a free ductless estimate!

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